Fallout 3

I’ve put off this post because there’s really nothing to be said about this game that hasn’t already been said.  Bethesda took Oblivion’s first person RPG system and added the fallout universe around it. “Oblivion with guns” as it was deemed early on by skeptics is not far from the truth, however that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The core gameplay is unchanged and the shooting is solid.

The V.A.T.S. system reinforces the fact that even though you’re carrying a shotgun and blowing people’s brains out, it is still an RPG through and through. V.A.T.S. lets you pause combat at anytime and select a target, a body part on the target  you want to attack, and have your character carry out the action automatically. Each action taken uses up AP,  and AP is restored gradually over time.

The story and characters are bland but the interaction and freedom you are given is unparralleled. You can approach every situation however you like, allowing complete freedom of morality . Talking your way out of a fight, or persuading a foe to stand down is just as satisfying as unloading a clip in his chest. The world oozes atmosphere, and captures the desperate feeling of the wasteland perfectly.

War...war never changes.

Even after its initial release, there was plenty of wasteland action to be had for almost a year after.  Featuring probably the best use of DLC in a game to date.  All 5 expansions released were fleshed out, fully realized adventures, though some of them admittedly less than stellar in comparison to the others.