I haven’t grown tired of this yet, there will be some more stuff here, eventually. At this point I’m just trying to come up with a different name, theme, and design. It’s not easy to come up with a name for a gaming blog that doesn’t involve the word “game” or “gamerz” like the countless others out there. This won’t be a “Gaming haven” or a “Game zone” or even a “Kewl Gamez” blog, it is just not going down like that. Class has kept me pretty busy the last few months, not to mention some RPG that just came out recently, I hear its a big deal or something. So there hasn’t been much time for the creative juices to start flowing. Although I did just have 10 days off with nothing to do… Ooh shiny! ah, what was I saying again?

Oh, right. This blog. Yeah.