A leap of faith

Today marks the official release of Final Fantasy XIV, with the standard edition players finally able to get in the game. The servers have been up for 8 days now for those that purchased the Collector’s Edition, so the game is out there, people are playing, rabbits are being slaughtered, and basement dwelling neckbeards are trying but failing to resist the charms of fellow neckbeards’ catgirls. We’re in full swing now, but how does the retail version compare to the beta? What’s the reception been like? Well, let’s examine briefly.

-UI lag is considerably less, but no changes have no been made to the structure of it. It’s still clunky, it’s still annoying, it’s still worse than the 8-year-old UI they created for XI.

-Still no Auction House, retainers still remain the games answer for economic structure. More and more players however, are just foregoing the retainers altogether and reverting to XI-style bazaars in the cities, and this works well enough. The market wards are still just not worth the headache, at all.

-Player search function is still completely useless.

-Only a handful of missions, no quests. There’s a general lack of content beyond leveling and ranking up.

Needless to say, the player reception is still fairly mixed at this point. Playing now is more of an investment in the future, fingers and tails crossed hoping SE will eventually right this ship. They’re making progress, but instead of the hulking Roegadyn strides we were expecting, we’re getting the pitter-patter of Lalafell steps.

Opening Cinematic

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