Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Well, it took me over a year, but here it is. My favorite game of the past decade, and maybe of all time, GTA: Vice City. GTA 3 really blew everyone away when it came out with its open world gameplay, but it wasn’t until Vice City hit that it was certain that Rockstar was here to stay as a true AAA developer.

I can’t think of a better possible setting for a game such as this other than the pastel draped, new wave mid-80’s Miami. It takes a lot to pull this off, and make it believable and authentic, but they knocked it out of the park. The amount of time and detail put into making the city come to life and be era-accurate is unreal. The characters and the script are hilarious, and I don’t think they could have possibly squeezed any more pop culture references in than they did. The voice acting is also top-notch, featuring actors such as Burt Reynolds, Tom Sizemore, Danny Trejo and even Lawrence Taylor. Ditching the route of the silent protagonist; Ray Liotta does a

...I like this shirt.

great job with Tommy. Gameplay wise, maybe it wasn’t not the best third person shooter out there, but considering the nature of the open world gameplay and the melding of different genres here, it’s still impressive. Above all else its just an insanely fun game, and a blast from start to finish.

It also features maybe the greatest licensed soundtrack ever. Every hit you can possibly think of is here, backed by GTA’s patented fake radio banter and ads. Even the games original radio content, such as its talk shows are insanely well made and make just cruising around vice city aimlessly a ton of fun. The whole game is one big love letter to the 80’s and I’m sealing it with a kiss.


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