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The Uncanny Valley Episode 1: Suck My Daxter

The debut official episode featuring our very first guest!

Topics covered this week:

Microsoft DRM Flip Flop
Occulus Rift
Penny Arcade
Phil Fish
NVidia Shield
Atlus Financial woes
Console Launches
State of Decay
Jak and Daxter Collection
Saints Row The Third
The Last of Us
…and more!

Last of Us spoiler talk starts at 1:34


Me and a good friend of mine have just started up a gaming podcast. Mostly because we both play a lot of video games and don’t get a chance to talk about them too much. So, we’re going to get together once a week and make a thing of it. We’re only one episode in, it’s not great, but it’s our first time, so be gentle. Listen if you want, or don’t, its cool man. I’ll be posting links to episodes here, which has revived my desire to post here again.

Episode 00:

  • http://www.uncannyvalleycast.podomatic.com/entry/2013-06-21T07_28_48-07_00
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