Very rarely is “charming” a word I get to use when describing a game, yet Ilomilo has me drinking tea and eloquently raising my pinky as I do it. The set-up is simple enough; Ilo and Milo are old friends trying to meet up at the park they used to go to, but they find that they have trouble remembering the way back, and everything seems to have shifted around. Ilomilo is a simple puzzle game that involves you navigating 2 different adorable plush alien fellows starting on opposite sides of the map, to meet each other somewhere along the way. You switch back and forth between characters and help them create paths and overcome obstacles together. Along the way you’ll unlock memories of their past time together via flashback photos and letters. The graphics are very littlebig planet, with everything looking as if it were made with real fabric, and real… “cuteness.”  The soundtrack is suitably quaint and melancholic, and employs flower-esque sound cues that work really well.

For awhile, Ilo was available for download via a “secret code” from the developer’s website, but it seems that window has passed. If you missed out you’ll just have to wait until January 5th when it hits the xbox-live arcade.

It’s also available for free on Windows Phone 7.

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